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MERA Overview

Mera Innovation aims to provide a platform for students to innovate and create things for the society making the world a better place to live in. Everyone has the creativity in them all they need to get the encouragement. Fun with Robotics in Mera Innovation teaches students team work, Problem solving techniques, Coding and makes them skilled starting from an early stage.

We focus on STEAM learning


MERA Innovation is one of it’s kind providing tech support throughout the tenure and after too.We organize a National level MERA Innovation Mega Event for students with Cash Prizes.We are a Start-Up India recognized company and with good Experts support for Tech innovation. So Join us to explore beyond the limits.

About Protionix

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“We aim in all round development of students through a Community Turning aspiration to acquisition.”
Prabhas Raj, Founder



A Place where there is no Limits to your creativity. Nothing Impossible until you are in right place. Our aim is to bring your Dreams to reality with our support. Everyone can innovate, studies says a child’s mind is more innovative starting from 11 years of age. Looking into the interest we have divided our courses and kits into 3 groups, i.e For school kids, College students and innovators.


Mr. Prabhas Raj

Mr. Prabhas Raj

Mr. Priyabrata Panigrahi

Mr. Priyabrata Panigrahi

Mr. R.Sandesh

Mr. R.Sandesh