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to knowledge with us

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Welcome To Mera Innovation

A Place where there is no Limits to your creativity. Nothing Impossible until you are in right place. Our aim is to bring your Dreams to reality with our support. Everyone can innovate, studies says a child’s mind is more innovative starting from 11 years of age. Looking into the interest we have divided our courses and kits into 3 groups, i.e For school kids, College students and innovators.

Enjoy Learning…. Keep innovating…. Keep Growing…..!!!

What We Do

MERA Innovation is a startup India recognized under it’s parent company mainly working on educational training and services. We aim in turning students Aspirations to their Acquisition providing the students a platform to exhibits their talent. MERA encourages it’s students to innovate beyond the limits and guide them in the path of entrepreneurship


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With no prior experience, you will have the opportunity to walk through hands-on examples with Hadoop and Spark frameworks, two of the most common ...
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Our main target is to “Developing Yourself as a Leader”

The upcoming budget for the Chicago Public Schools will rely on $500 million in yet-to-be-enacted pension savings by Illinois, school officials said on Monday.

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Body Cameras on Public-School Educators

Some of can’t rely on stable worlds economic, so learn, learn and learn everything new, this will help you anytime, dont be upset, believe yourself even in dark times!

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